Jennarong Muengtaweepongsa
My childhood dream was to design a car of my own. At age 15, I created design concepts such as the Aston Martin DB11 and Koenigsegg Utagera, which gave me the required push and recognition to pursue my passion early in my life. Restless to move forward, I won a competition held by the Thailand International Motor Expo for car design, which sent me to Milano, Italy to a seminar where I was able to meet the 'masters' of car design.
I continued to work on projects with the people that I met, where I designed under my own registered 'design firm' called VanaticalDesign on a per-project basis. My dream still being my source of power, I pushed to launch a startup to create my own car. Project Vindico caught the wind for a while, appearing on countless Thai TV shows and magazines. But eventually, the startup became stagnant. With the bottleneck being my naivety, I decided to sell the half-built concept car off, and move to Silicon Valley.
When you have already reached your initial dream, you begin dreaming bigger. Growing up on the internet, I cannot stress enough how significant a role it played in my upbringing. I believe that giving this access to everyone around the world who wouldn't have had it otherwise is the path towards building humanity's future.
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