This was the original plan for the MVP for my startup, Conestage.
What if there was a single feed where you could just follow a person, an event, or a topic and just scroll away with content from everywhere?
Main Feature.
Conestage embeds content from across the internet into one feed for you. You can follow a person, topic, or event here and it will pull all the content related to them into your feed.
All profiles are generated automatically, for people, it is based on 'verified' ticks on main social media. For topics and events, however, it relies on APIs such as google analytics'  to notice trends and events that occurred.
The User Experience, to align with the simplicity of having all your content in one feed, is designed to be as lightweight and minimalistic as possible.
Three Colors.
Conestage has a three color scheme along with a flat and light design that creates a feeling of weightlessness.

The main screen, the comments, and a public profile.

Some example user stories:
Tom has to wake up early for his 9-5 job, so he only has 5 minutes to keep up to date with the world before he has to leave for work.
He opens up Conestage.
A terrorist event just happened, and people are glued to their phones wanting updates.
Instead of having to search through twitter or google the event every couple of minutes, you can set Conestage to give you a notification whenever there is a relevant update to the event.

You can write your own posts, or embed a post from somewhere else.

Your profile and "Shared Feed" page where your shared content and posts can be seen.

Swiping on posts: Instead of having to tap into someone's profile to view their content, just swipe to view their next post.

Original Pitch Deck​​​​​​​

Designed in Sketch. Prototyped in Origami & Principle.
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